BRADLEY CROMPTON bring you this High Quality belt made from Genuine leather for everyday use and for those special occasions. These belts will surely jazz up any outfit and make you look a million bucks. Made from thick and Durable Leather, it will last you for years. These are 100% GENUINE LEATHER Belts.

    • You get BOTH a Tan Brown Belt and a Brown Belt to complete your wardrobe collection. Ideal belts to wear with any outfit including Jeans, Trousers and Suits.
    • Bright and eye-catching detail. The BOTH Tan Brown Belt and Brown Leather Belt comes with a Silver Buckle
    • Standard 1 3/8" width(3.5cms)
    • Bright and eye-catching detail

    Product Code: BCTPB20

    Mens Multipack Tan Brown & Brown (Set of 2 Belts) Twin Pack Full Leather Belts

    SKU: e68012a1#1