• Made of high-quality soft SILICONE and washable, reusable, and can be placed easily anywhere for portability.
  • Silicone can give a comfortable and snug protective layer.
  • Effortless breathing, keeping you breathe naturally while using it.
  • Anti-Fog - Eliminates the issue with foggy glasses / sunglasses.
  • Clear/Transparent Face Mask allowing you to communicate, socialise easily & to smile more! :)
  • 3 Months PM25 Medical Grade filters which can act as protective layer against pollutants etc.
    (The transparent face mask comes with 70 pieces x PM 2.5 cotton filters for multi layered filtration protection (35 Pairs for 3 Months Use*) - You Save Money!
  • Suitable for cycling, work commuting, shopping, camping, running, traveling, climbing, and daily use.
  •  Also Ideal for  Restaurants, Shops, Pubs, Hotels, Salons, etc
  • Unisex For Men And Women stylish design with high durability. It shields you while making you look great and presentable.
* Average filter replacement is every 2-3 days with normal usage. You have 3 months inclusive supply.
* Easy to clean. Just place the face mask in warm water along with a thorough wipe.

Clear / Transparent Washable,AntiFog, Breathe Easy Face Mask & 3 Months Filter